A Tuneup for your Soul

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What would you like to know?  


We are currently in a 7-year Destiny cosmic vibration (2023) and this year it is all about your own mind.  It will be a very mental and interior life for you and you will be required to spend a lot of time alone in study and contemplation of the metaphysical aspects of life. But of course, what matters is your own original thoughts.

It is a time for meditation and subjective introspection.  Time to think and philosophize.  You must look at the facts and scientific knowledge and then apply your own logic and intuition to go beyond.  This will bring new opportunities to you when you have successfully expanded your mind to encompass it all.

It is time to learn to walk alone as we all are whether we realize it or not.  Even in a crowded room, we can be quite alone. Strive to find new social  companionship with those similarly evolved to your intellectual level.  We must find meaningfulness this year.  

You have the ability to attract to you what you need this year without effort on your part. Aggressiveness is not a desired action this year.  Sit tight, you will attract to you what you need.  2023 is a year of faith, wisdom and perfected thinking.

NEW AGE Clairvoyant Tarot Card Reading

My name is Sandra and I have been reading Tarot Cards for over 35 years and reside in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

A Tarot Card reading reveal answers to your everyday questions and will help you to understand your situation more clearly. Together, we read your energy to help show you the direction you are headed in and offer guidance to help change the course if needed. Whether or not you know it, you have the answers inside of you. Together,  we draw out what you know to be true and this enlightened point of higher knowledge, will help guide you to understand what is right for you. The Tarot Cards show you where you are in various aspects of your life and then drills down to wherever you need it to go. It is a true tune up for your soul. Let the Tarot Cards help you understand where you are right now and allow them to help guide you to where you need to be.

**I am available for individual readings or parties by telephone / facetime or in person if you live in the Ottawa / Gatineau region.    I also attend Psychic Fairs which dates will be posted once they become available.  You do not have to be present to have a reading.  Energy is everywhere .

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