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We are currently in a 6-year Destiny cosmic vibration (2022) and this brings an awareness of social order and responsibility. You must develop a deeper conscientiousness toward the important people in your life, home, work and community. It is a year to adjust and harmonize the emotional and physical phases of your life.

It is time to consider your own integral role in relation to your particular social structure. This is the year that you must adjust to others and create your own social balance. It is a good time for developing strong ties with the people around you, for leaning to understand people and for having a good time in groups. It is a good time for marriage or accepting the binding ties of friendship. Be careful of not to carry other peoples burdens if others need your help. Offer advice when asked. Changes to current relationships are indicated. Place general harmony before your own likes and dislikes.

This is a good year to put your home in shape. Redecorate or put your surroundings in harmony with your mind or where you would like your mind to be.

This is not a year for creating superficial interests. You must bear responsibility to yourself and others. Be mindful. Any new commitment must be seen through to the its conclusion. Hang in to everything you undertake and get all of your old projects out of the way.

NEW AGE Clairvoyant Tarot Card Reading

My name is Sandra and I have been reading Tarot Cards for over 35 years and reside in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

A Tarot Card reading reveal answers to your everyday questions and will help you to understand your situation more clearly. Together, we read your energy to help show you the direction you are headed in and offer guidance to help change the course if needed. Whether or not you know it, you have the answers inside of you. Together,  we draw out what you know to be true and this enlightened point of higher knowledge, will help guide you to understand what is right for you. The Tarot Cards show you where you are in various aspects of your life and then drills down to wherever you need it to go. It is a true tune up for your soul. Let the Tarot Cards help you understand where you are right now and allow them to help guide you to where you need to be.

**I am available for individual readings or parties by telephone / facetime or in person if you live in the Ottawa / Gatineau region.    I also attend Psychic Fairs which dates will be posted once they become available.  You do not have to be present to have a reading.  Energy is everywhere .

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